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Floral Supplies, Wholesale Floral Supply

Wedding flower selling seasons are upon us. FloralSupplyWholesaler.Com is the internet's premiere site for wholesale floral supplies for spring and beyond. If you are a florist, wedding or event planner, a caterer or a crafter who uses flowers, we have the Floral Containers, flower vases and many other hard to find floral supply items that you use. These creative items will make your event a hit. Plan your order now, and allow our knowledgeable staff to assist you with your floral supply purchase. You will love our expert assistance, tips and suggestions that will save you time and money.

Floral Containers

For wedding bouquet floral supplies and all Spring season floral containers, you can't beat the selection that we stock. As you look at the floral container section of Floralsupply.com, notice the large selection of different floral design container styles and sizes, flower planters, and flower vases. Our floral planters and containers are made from many different materials. Our prices and selection are sure to impress you.

Fresh and Silk flower display racks, Store Displays

Floralsupply.com carries a broad selection of functional, attractive fresh and silk flower Displays. Most flower display racks come complete with display buckets. Just assemble the flower display stand, load it with fresh or silk flowers and start selling. We also have a variety of retail store display shelving units, pegboard and slat wall display units, and a portable cardboard silk flower display. Also, our metal floral display racks are cooler safe, powder coated steel for long life. Not sure which flower display that you need? Give us a call today. Our people are experts when it comes to flower display stands.

Flower Packaging and Flower Sleeves

For a professional image, consider our floral packaging products. We sell only the finest AMERICAN-MADE flower sleeves, cellophane rolls, flower wraps, flower boxes and clear corsage boxes. All of our floral packaging and floral sleeves are "Flower safe" and will not attack your fresh flowers. For that extra Christmas flare added to your flowers, seasonal packaging is available. We also carry 3" water tubes, as well as 4" water tubes and AquaPics.

Plant Saucers and Basket Liners

When florists sell plants or basket flower arrangements, they usually send them out with a plant saucer or clear basket liner to protect carpets or table cloths. Floral supplies like plastic plant saucers and clear basket liners provide the protection needed. All of our basket liners and clear plant saucers are puncture-proof. You cannot do without these items in your shop.

Artificial Birds, Animals, Butterflies and Insects

While here, visit our Decorative Birds, Artificial Animals, Artificial Butterfly and insect categories. Many florists won't sell an arrangement without a little artificial bird or butterfly tucked in. These little items are made from man made and natural materials. Colorful artificial birds and decorative butterflies are nice additions to any floral arrangement. Include some with your next floral supply order.

Holiday Decorations and Floral Containers

We carry a large section of Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, and even Thanksgiving design and decorating products. This group of floral containers, flower vases and floral related decorations are unique and different, and will keep your floral design work ahead of your competition.

Christmas Decorations, Artificial Christmas Trees

Some of our Christmas decorating items include Christmas Advent wreath supplies like foam designer rings with plastic tray, and our popular taper candle holders. Assemble the advent wreath components with your favorite greens and flowers, and you have the prettiest Christmas Advent wreath you could imagine.

Other Christmas decorations include artificial Christmas trees, Christmas floral containers, and Christmas tree ornaments of all kinds. All these Christmas floral supplies are at wholesale prices. Also check out our exclusive "Christmas Tree Decorating Kits" on sale now for the coming Christmas season. Everything you need to create a professional-looking Christmas tree comes in one easy purchase.

Funeral and Sympathy Floral Supplies

Floralsupply.com carries every sympathy container style available, from funeral easel sprays and casket saddles to handled sympathy baskets and spiked cemetery vases. Creative and easy to work with, we have the right funeral floral container for any sympathy floral arrangement.


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